JOSHUA (gospel)

by Franco Morone

Extract from the book:
Basic Fingerstyle Guitar

“It is advisable that when you take your first steps in fingerstyle, you begin to approach easy exercises and songs. In fact, many people are attracted to challenging pieces, because they just tend to be the most musically interesting ones.Often this habit causes people to get frustrated very quickly, since they don’t have the experience and the background required to deal with such performances. As a teacher, I have always recommended a path of songs that can create a solid base on which to move the next steps. However, I have also found that it is difficult to find simple songs enjoyable to play. Even more a single text with this type of content. So I just collected extracts of music and tablature from different texts that could meet, at least in part, my expectations and those of my students. But different symbologies, missing fingerings, lack of audio supports, pushed me to make this project: a collection of stimulating pieces from the primary repertoire, allowing to reach a certain fluidity of execution in a reasonable time and without any loss of enthusiasm.

Franco Morone

This is how the book Basic Fingerstyle Guitar came about. “Joshua” is part of the repertoire of simple pieces, but it’s actually a bit more advanced in the technique of alternating bass, open strings stopped by the fingers of the right hand or, in the case of notes on the frets, raised fingers of the left hand. It is written in 4/4 Swing time in standard tuning (E A D G B E) capo II. In this tutorial Franco starts to play the whole piece. Afterwards he plays it again commenting on separate sections.


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