Tutorial: “Le Meglio Storie con la Mia Chitarra”


by Franco Morone

Extract from the book:
Basic Fingerstyle Guitar

“When you step into the fingerstyle world as a beginner, it’s advisable to start by facing easy exercises and tunes. But instead, as a matter of fact, many students are fascinated by challenging songs, to tell the truth, more interesting from the musical point of view. But this tendency often leads to a quick discouragement, because the necessary experience to learn such pieces is low. As a teacher, I always suggest starting with songs suitable to build a solid base and from there on to move the next steps. But I also found it difficult to find simple, pleasant songs and easy to play. Even harder it was finding the same kind of features in one book. So in order to fulfill the expectations of my students and mine, even partially, I had to search out for music notations and tablatures from many different publications. But varying symbols, missing fingerings, and lack of audio supports persuaded me of the need to start working on this project: a basic collection of stimulating pieces for a first repertoire, capable of developing a satisfying fluency of execution, within a reasonable time, without a loss of enthusiasm“. Franco Morone

Thus was born the book and Cd Basic Fingerstyle Guitar. “The Best Stories with My Guitar” included in this collection, is played by all guitarists at guitar courses.
It is written in 4/4 in standard tuning (E A D G B E) Capo II.
It is recommended to study it as it is didactically very fruitful. In this video tutorial Franco initially plays the piece by completing it, and then plays it again by commenting on separate sections.
There is also a part of cross-picking even easier and affordable for everyone. See you soon for the tutorial!

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To start practicing fingerstyle
we thank you with 2 songs
mp3 included:
My Grandfather’s Clock”
basic/medium level
Le Meglio Storie con la Mia Chitarra”
medium level