Franco Morone by Manfred Pollert


by Franco Morone

In this section of the Acoustic Guitar Workshops blog about Franco Morone’s tutorials, we will post a series of free videos in order to help guitarists who want to acquire the fingerstyle technique.

When you step as a beginner into fingerstyle this extraordinary way of relating to the guitar, it’s advisable to start by facing easy exercises and tunes. During my educational journey, I had to face the lack of repertoires problem, at the same time pleasant and easy to perform, that could not subject beginners to difficulties that would discourage them in the continuity of practicing and learning. So after other teaching methods on blues, jazz, Celtic and Italian folk, I finally decided to write a Basic Fingerstyle book also with songs written by me, that could facilitate the gradual growth in the practice of fingerstyle acoustic guitar with pleasant material to study. This was my goal and I hope, at least in part, having succeeded” Franco Morone