The sound of your nails

The action of pure colloidal keratin

Il suono delle proprie unghie con la cheratina colloidale pura

Some time ago, Franco wrote an article read by many fans:
The sound of your nails.”
The secret to a good sound, in addition to a correct position, lies in plucking the strings with one’s natural nails” (quote from the article).
It follows with several tips regarding the nails’ healthy to avoid undesired breakage, with the recommendation to keep the right length.
Moreover, fingerstyle guitarists who play metal strings encounter more problems than those using nylon strings.

Fragile nails due to endogenous causes

We have often experienced the frustration of a broken fingernail and waited long before returning to playing in optimal condition.

With Franco, I sometimes experienced the problem of a broken or compromised nail before a concert.
When the accident occurs before a performance, there is no other way but to decide to rebuild when one has enough time or by temporarily overcoming the problem using harmful chemical glues.

Following one or more reconstructions, the nail becomes progressively weaker; moreover, without none nails-check, any hidden mycoses can be overlooked.

The solution to avoid all these problems is undoubtedly to play upfront, trying to have a strong nail.

That’s why we’ve looked for products like, for example, ‘Pentaker,’ a strengthener struggling also the onychophagia.

Unfortunately, if the weakening process is due to endogenous causes, the problem remains.

The Pure Colloidal Keratin

Coincidentally this summer, we noticed that a friend of ours was treating a rather deep wound using Pure Colloidal Copper, and we saw visible improvements within a couple of days.

Intrigued by this surprising result, while browsing the Pure Colloidal site, I noticed the presence of Pure Colloidal Keratin indicated not only for hair but also for nails. So I decided to give it a try.
After about ten days, my nails looked noticeably firmer, shinier and stronger: almost a miracle to me!!!
So I convinced Franco to try it as well. In the beginning somewhat a bit sceptic, but he was convinced when he saw the results on himself.

The constancy

Consuming the product with constancy is of utmost importance.
But, if it takes longer to see tangible results on the hair, strengthening action on nails is faster.

Talking with Franco, we felt we had to share this news, knowing how many guitarists’ nails are brittle, and this often poses no small problem.


Pure Colloidal Keratin is sold in 150 ml packages for € 36.00 or in 500 ml for € 63.00, but in this case, we must say that it lasts a long time, up to 2-3 months.

The Venetian manufacturing company responded positively to our request, granting us a 20% promotional discount.

Those interested in trying this product, once chosen the package, should enter the promotional code: franco20.

It is taken orally by nebulizing the product under the tongue about ten times, morning and evening.

We have no financial benefit from this and are confident to offer a valuable service to all fans.

Happy picking!

Raffaella and Franco